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Internal auditor

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Pr BENNOUNA Mustapha

Advisor to the President and ANEAQ Expert

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The Management is placed under the direct supervision of the President of UEMF and his advisor.The integration of a Quality Assurance approach emanates from the strategic plan of the presidency, which aims to control internal processes but also to introduce a culture of excellence and continuous improvement at all levels of the organization. '' University (Letter from the President of UEMF-October 2018).




Pilot internal audits of:

  • - Support services
  • - Establishments
  • - Governance bodies
  • - Process
  • - Activities, …


 in order to assess its organization, operation and results in relation to the objectives set and the control of the risks incurred.


  • - Follow the quantitative and qualitative performance indicators of the University at the levels: educational, research, sustainable development
  • - Conduct ascending and descending evaluations (evaluation of staff, managers, evaluation of teaching and university structures by students, etc.)
  • - Conduct the self-assessment process (training, governance, research, services to society) in coordination with the establishments and the presidency.
  • - Prepare certification and / or accreditation projects
  • - Prepare and follow the classification files of universities and / or establishments
  • - Prepare the external evaluation of the University and its components by a recognized national or international agency



Audit Interne UEMF




The main standards of our Quality Assurance System are:

  • - National repository of the National Assessment and Quality Assurance Agency (ANEAQ);
  • - References and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG);
  • - ISO 21001 version 2018: Management systems of education / training organizations - Requirements and recommendations for their application.