Ghada Bouhlal


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Establish the mission of the UEMF as a platform for cooperation, exchange and intercultural dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean, in the fields of teaching, research and socio-cultural forecasts;
Actively collaborate for regional integration in the economic (movement of goods and services), social (population movements) and cultural spheres between the north and south of the Mediterranean, with a natural extension to the African continent;
Propose and develop a policy of national and international cooperation for the UEMF, in line with the university's strategy in its various areas of action;
Design and implement the UEMF development strategy through bilateral and multilateral partnership projects with other institutions, particularly in the Euro-Mediterranean area;
Identify the means and tools needed to develop cooperation agreements with universities and other research, teaching and development bodies, in order to establish long-lasting collaborations that could help improve the quality of education at the UEMF;
Establish strategies that enhance the international visibility of the UEMF and stimulate the organization of scientific and cultural meetings and visits between the University and associated institutions;
Identify opportunities for the exchange of students, professor-researchers and administrative staff in the field of international mobility, particularly with the member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean;
Coordinating the reception and stay of foreign students, professor-researchers and administrative staff and managing student stay programs in companies and other socio-economic and institutional organizations;
Develop the tools to facilitate the professional integration of UEMF graduates and follow up on all university graduates. 




Development and Cooperation
Cooperation policy
Develop and propose a policy of cooperation for the UEMF.
Implement the policy of international and national cooperation.
Define choices in bilateral and multilateral cooperation.
Development projects
Setting up the UEMF development projects in partnership with public and private institutions.
Proposing ways and tools to develop agreements and conventions.
Exploring partnership opportunities for the achievement of development projects.
Preparing partnership agreements.
Monitoring the implementation of agreements about development projects.
Managing communication with UEMF's national and international partners.

Exchange programs
Identify opportunities for national and international exchanges of students, professor-researchers and administrative staff.
Organize and manage exchange programmes.
Organize internships and visits for students in public and private partner organizations in Morocco and abroad.
Scientific Encounters
Contribute to the organization of national and international scientific and cultural meetings. 
Welcome to visitors
Coordinating the activities of the various training and research institutions in terms of welcoming students, researchers and foreign administrators.

Professional Insertion
Identifying, consolidating and disseminating job offers for the benefit of the UEMF graduates.
Organizing an annual university-business forum to allow students to better interact with socio-economic actors.
Developing and maintaining the contact information of the university's graduates.
Managing internships and student visits.
Monitoring the professional integration of the UEMF graduates.
Establishing an annual report to assess the professional integration of the UEMF graduates.
Submitting the report to the university’s governing bodies.
Ensuring the implementation of the measures taken by the governing bodies to improve the professional integration of graduates.