Head of Maintenance and Planning

Mohamed Rharbaoui


Post : 233 / Email : b.taroua@ueuromed.org




Poste : 209 / Email : b.taroua@ueuromed.org

MAAIZI Mustafa

Building and guarding maintenance technician

Poste : 141 / Email : m.maaizi@ueuromed.org

HASSANI Mostapha

Furniture maintenance and cleaning services technician

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Equipment and environment technician

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The mission of the Head of Maintenance and Planning consists of ensuring the achievement of projects of construction and development of new facilities and infrastructure across the ECO-Campus of the UEMF. In addition, the mandate includes the maintenance of space and buildings and developing a budget for this purpose. Guided by principles of sustainable development, its actions also aim at minimizing maintenance and operating costs while promoting energy savings.

The Head of Maintenance and Planning ensures the comfort and safety of the Eco-Campus residents while providing the services necessary to carry out teaching and research activities in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards in effect.

The Main responsibilities of the Head of Maintenance and Planning include:

  • Drafting the UEMF's maintenance budget and plan;
  • Carrying out construction and development projects for new facilities and infrastructure at the Eco-Campus;
  • Carrying out studies of construction and development projects;
  • Follow-up on construction, maintenance, refurbishment and renovation;
  • Managing the operation and ensuring the maintenance of spaces and buildings;
  • Environmental protection at the Eco-Campus;
  • Managing the supply and distribution of energy and water within the UEMF;
  • Management of human resources in charge of security, cleaning and gardening;
  • Management and maintenance of the UEMF vehicle fleet;
  • Establishing links between the services of i) university residences and (ii) restoration.
  • Contribution to the organization of special events within the UEMF Eco-Campus;
  • Ensuring the best use of the UEMF premises, furniture and educational and scientific equipment.