Ecole Euromed d’Architecture de Design et d’Urbanisme (EMADU)

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Diploma awarded

: Architect

Duration of studies

: 6 Years


: Iman Meriem Benkirane

architecture workshops 
intensive workshops (various themes) - creativity and project drawing representation and plastic arts cultures of art and architecture mathematics
mechanics of structures
building materials and techniques languages and communication 
city territory and society 
augmented realities 
associated seminars (drap-hcs-tpc)
energy efficiency and sustainability history and criticism of architecture research methodology applied to the project 
project management, …

Provide quality education to international standards 
Allow the acquisition of multidisciplinary techniques relating to the building, as well as new construction technologies
Work for the respect of heritage and the environment, urban and landscape integration and develop awareness by the student-architect of the requirements of society
individual and collective well-being
Promote professional expertise in the field of architecture
disseminate knowledge and promote the quality of architectural and urban production. 

Ecole Euromed d’Architecture de Design et d’Urbanisme (EMADU)

technical know-how and openness to the outside 
analysis and mastery of the elements of the context
analytical, diagnostic and conceptual skills and demonstrating rapid assimilation and proposal skills
critical thinking and ability to provide appropriate solutions
communication to interact with multidisciplinary teams
ethics and professional conduct 

Qualifications required: National scientific, economic, technical or recognized equivalent baccalaureate 
Access to the EMADU ARCHITECTURE stream is via competition 

Labs: Additive manufacturing (composite materials and metal), 3D printing, chemistry and research on materials, electronics, IT, communication, ... 


Architect in Ministerial Departments, Territorial and Local Collectivities, Public Establishments and Public Enterprises: Ministry of Town Planning and Spatial Planning;
Architect in semi - public or international organizations; 
Architect exercising the profession in his own name, employee, partner, etc.