TAZI Zineb

Ecole Euromed d’Architecture de Design et d’Urbanisme (EMADU)


+212 6 97 07 31 40

Graduated in Interior Design at IED Madrid: Higher School of Design - Madrid Interior architecture, product design and Artisan heritage

Interior architecture, product design and Artisan heritage

After performing several freelance missions on various “Archi-Design” projects, in January 2017, she joined the ACP architectural firm (Aziza Chaouni Projects); where she worked on projects centered on a social practice, with the main objective of promoting the cultural heritage of Morocco.

This experience inspired her to start MÛJA: a collaborative brand, involving craftsmen and specialists in the creative industry, focused on the union of ancestral craft practices and innovative and creative design processes. An initiative supported and enriched by the EMADU (EuroMed School of Architecture, Design and Town Planning) of which it coordinates the Design sector today.

Designs theories and methods workshop

Basic Design Workshop S01

Design Workshop for Handicrafts and Heritage S02

Aesthetic of object S05