Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

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Biomedical engineering


Diploma awarded

: A biomedical engineer

Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Bounou Salim

Physiology and Human Anatomy, Biomedical Instrumentation, Modeling of Biological Systems, Optics, Electrical Networks, Automatic & Robotics, EUROMED Languages ​​and Culture.
Biomechanics, Bioethics, Digital Communication, Biosensors and Measurements, Intellectual Property, Spectroscopic Methods, Management, End of Study Project.


Acquire in-depth knowledge in biomedical engineering
Practice through educational and research experiences in the laboratories and workshops of the University, to better understand the problems in biomedical engineering.

Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

integrate and function within multidisciplinary teams
formulate and solve engineering problems,
assume the values ​​of professional responsibility and ethics,
communicate effectively,
understand biomedical engineering designs
engage in lifelong self-learning,
use the modern techniques and tools necessary for the practice of biomedical engineering.
design and manage your own business in an innovative field in biomedical engineering.


Access conditions: This cycle is open to EEMBT students who have validated the preparatory cycle and by competitive examination and within the limit of available places, to candidates holding a minimum level Bac + 2 diploma in science (Physics-Chemistry -life sciences) or equivalent.

Selection procedures:
Study of the file
Written exam
Educational prerequisites for access to the sector:
Validate Bac + 2 or Bac + 3 preferably with mentions

The EEMBT is endowed with practical work laboratories and scientific research laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment for the good progress of educational activities and scientific research in the fields of biomedical sciences and biotechnologies.

A biomedical engineer
Instrumentation engineer
Installation engineer
Teacher Researcher
Maintenance engineer