Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

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Biotechnological engineering


Diploma awarded

: Biotechnology engineer

Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Bounou Salim

Management-Culture Euromed-Foreign languages Project Graduation 

Empower students to deepen their knowledge in biological sciences which will allow them to understand the role of the biotechnology engineer in society.

Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

This program will allow students to acquire practical and solid skills in biotechnologies and related disciplines that are: 
The design, development, simulation and manufacturing of therapeutic biomolecules. 
The design, development, simulation and modification of living cells. 
Mastery of Omics analysis tools and instruments. 
Knowledge of international regulatory aspects. 
Ability to manage and design biotechnology startups. 


Access in first year: Access to the biomedical engineering cycle is reserved for students of preparatory classes in biomedical engineering, or equivalent. 
Access in second year: Access is reserved for students with at least a Bachelor's degree in biology Selection procedures: Study of the file Written exam Interview 


The EEMBT is endowed with practical work laboratories and scientific research laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment for the smooth running of educational and scientific research activities in the fields of biomedical sciences and biotechnologies

Industrial career in bioengineering or in a related field; 
Graduate studies (M.Sc. and Ph. D / doctorate in programs related to biotechnology engineering); 
Entrepreneurial career