Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

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Preparatory Cycle

Cycle Préparatoire formation Ingénieur

Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 2 years


: Bounou Salim

Semestre 1 : Mathématiques 1, Physique 1, Biologie Cellulaire 1, Chimie Générale/Chimie Minérale, Informatiques 1, Langues 1.
Semestre 2 : Mathématiques 2, Phénomène de Transport Biologique, Chimie Organique 1, Principes de l'Ingénierie, Informatiques 2, Langues 2.
Semestre 3 : Microbiologie, Conceptualisation Assistée par Ordinateur 1, Physique 2, Biochimie Structurale, Méthodes et Programmation en Ingénierie, Langues 3.
Semestre 4 : Bases de Biotechnologie Moléculaire, Ingénierie Biomédicale, Physique 3, Biomatériaux et Biocompatibilité, Analyses Bioinformatiques 1, Langues 4.


Acquisition of basic, scientific and technical knowledge, as well as those in languages, communication and general culture.
Strengthening of the team spirit and the spirit of autonomy.
Teaching methodological tools and know-how
Introduction of the professions of biomedical engineer.

Ecole d’ingénieur BiomedTech

Work efficiency
Analysis and synthesis
Ability to conceptualize

This cycle is open, by competition and subject to availability, to candidates holding a baccalaureate in secondary education obtained in the scientific and / or technical fields or a diploma recognized as equivalent.
Selection procedures:

Study of the file (Explain the selection criteria)
Written exam (specify the terms)

Educational prerequisites for access to the sector:
Bac Mathematics, Bac in Science and Technology, Bac in Physical Sciences, Bac Life and Earth Sciences or Baccalaureate deemed equivalent

Practical Labs

The two preparatory years constitute a solid foundation allowing access to EEMBT's engineering courses:
Biomedical engineering
Biotechnology engineering