The Director in charge of African Relations

Presidential Team

The Director in charge of African Relations

Last name-First Name

: Chakib Mounsif




: 212 538 909 000


: 212 538 903 138

Participate, at the request of the President, in the activities and development projects of the UEMF;
Develop and identify opportunities for the UEMF's partnership with public and private institutions, particularly on the African continent.
Develop and strengthen cultural, scientific and economic relations with partner countries, particularly in the context of South-South cooperation;
Represent the University in professional events such as outdoor trade shows and events.
Ensure the implementation of the accompanying measures (funding sources, accommodation, internships, etc.) taken by the UEMF to facilitate and improve the reception and recruitment of students.

MBA Degree- Master Of Business Administration Business, University of Quebec in Montreal-Canada.
HeC Diploma- Higher Studies in Trade. 


Business administration.


Current Responsibilities:
Adviser to the President of the UEMF, in charge of development, communication and partnership in particular African.


Previous responsibilities: 
30 years of experience as Executive Chairman of a Private Higher Education Group of 20 institutions in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa federated by an International University in Dakar. 
Pedagogical director.
Professor of Management Sciences (Management and HRM, Communication and Personal Development, Leadership and Change Leadership, Entrepreneurship). 
Elected member of the COCESP (Private Higher Education Coordination Commission) 2004-2010 
Moulay Ismail University of Meknes: Member of the University Council. 
Ibnou Toufail University of Kenitra: Member of the University Council.
Great Schools Conference: Vice-President in charge of communication. 
Development director of the publishing group, "Top Media".
General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM): Member.
European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD): Member. 
Adviser to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Fez.