Ecole Euromed d’Architecture de Design et d’Urbanisme (EMADU)

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Benefit from international level training provided by UEMF faculty, the architecture department of the University of Florence, and partner institutions (ENSAD and Polytechnic University of Madrid).
Acquire a double diploma issued by the UEMF and the University of Florence.
Evolve in a multicultural and multidimensional environment with students of diverse origins: Europe, MENA Zone, Africa, ... and international educational and administrative staff.
Master at least 2 languages ​​in addition to the mother tongue
Certification (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic…)
Experience an international experience of 6 to 12 months of academic mobility at the University of Florence and 6 months in partner institutions which will allow you to acquire a rich cultural experience, a valued curriculum and a relational network essential to your future career professional.
Acquire expertise in Heritage Conservation by benefiting from the globally recognized know-how of the University of Florence. Students will, among other things, have the chance to get involved in projects to rehabilitate and restore the heritage of the iconic city of Fez, a real living laboratory.
Flourish in a pleasant and unique working environment in Morocco
The UEMF Eco-campus, with international standards, allows students to learn in the best conditions (sports infrastructure, bank, bookstore, pharmacy, mini-market and other residence services, library, catering, recovery center transfers and professional integration, start-up incubator, etc.)
Take advantage of the strong involvement in the life of the establishment, institutions, local authorities, large Euro-Mediterranean architectural firms: internship, joint projects and professional integration.
Become able to better contribute to the design and organization of the living space of the citizen of the 21st century, while respecting quality and environmental standards.