Moroccan art and crafts in the face of digital challenges

Congresses and colloquia
Association Al Kawtar

As part of the cooperation agreement between the University and the Al Kawtar association, aimed at promoting creativity and innovation in the field of crafts and supporting masters artisans in the promotion and development of their know-how, Professor Abderrahmane TENKOUL, Dean of the Euromed Faculty of Human and Social Sciences hosted on April 16, 2019, at the headquarters of the association, a conference entitled: Moroccan art and crafts facing digital challenges. Took part in this conference, in addition to the master craftsmen of Fez and some teacher-researchers and students of the Euromed University, several personalities from the academic, cultural and associative world of the city of Fez as well as the members and friends of the Association. At the end of this conference, a concert of Andalusian music was given by the orchestra "Albaâth for Andalusian music", conducted by Me Abdelfattah Benmoussa.