The Man with an Artificial Heart: From Fiction to Reality Pr. Wajih MAAZOUZI

Cycle of conferences
Université Euromed de Fès

Pr. Wajih MAAZOUZI - Doctor of Medicine-Professor of Cardiac Surgery

Ensuring the survival of a human being through alternative therapy is certainly the most exhilarating epic of biomedical science in the past century and probably in the decades to come, both through its technological, therapeutic and by its ethical implications. Telling about this extraordinary enterprise sets the stage for a journey to the extreme, from prevention to the final solution of replacing the failing heart.

Beyond the pharmacological panoply pushed at the molecular level, exploratory cardiology which creeps into the most intimate anatomy and function of the organ, that of intervention which dilates, unclogs or reshapes, as well as organ, tissue or cell transplant surgery, the limits are reached one day. They then justify the development of assistance or replacement, temporary or permanent, extracorporeal or implantable devices. Their history, their failures and their successes challenge the medical profession as well as the scientific community and the public authorities at a time when the progress of medicine does not necessarily rhyme longevity with quality. Can they also challenge Moroccan research, and the great multinational vessel of the development of the artificial heart can one day hope to fly the flag