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Nabil EL BRAHMI obtained his M.Sc in pharmaceutical chemistry in 2007 from Mohammed-V University of Rabat (Morocco) and a Ph.D in pharmacochemistry in 2013 from the same University in collaboration with the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC) at CNRS of Toulouse (France).

medical chemistry

From May 2013 to January 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes, Morocco (UEMF) in collaboration with the LCC. In 2014, he became Assistant Professor at the UEMF and in 2019, Associate Professor at the same University. His areas of interests are topics pertaining to macromolecules (dendrimers), materials chemistry and medicinal chemistry.


P21) Direct arylation and Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines catalyzed by (SIPr)Pd(allyl)Cl complex under microwave-irradiation

A. El Abbouchi, J. Koubachi, N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli. Mediterrranean Journal of Chemestry.2019, 9, 347-354

P20) Dendrimer for Templating the Growth of Porous Catechol-​Coordinated Titanium Dioxide Frameworks: Toward Hemocompatible Nanomaterials

N. Katir, N. Marcotte, S. Michlewska, M. Ionov, N. El Brahmi, M. Bousmina, J. P. Majoral, M. Bryszewska, A. El Kadib. ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2019, 2, 2979-2990

P19) Oxidative Alkenylation of Fused Bicyclic Heterocycles

J. Koubachi, N. El Brahmi, G. GuillaumetS. El Kazzouli. European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2019, 15, 2568-2586.

P18) Interfacial complexation driven three-dimensional assembly of cationic phosphorus dendrimers and graphene oxide sheets

N. Katir, A. Benayad, D. Rouchon, N. Marcotte, N. El Brahmi, J. P. Majoral, B. Bousmina, A. El Kadib. Nanoscale Adv. 2019, 1, 314-321

P17)Elucidating the role of surface chemistry on cationic phosphorus dendrimer-​siRNA complexation

M. A. Deriu, N. Tsapis, M. Noiray, G. Grasso, N. El Brahmi, S. Mignani, J. P. Majoral, E. Fattal, A. Danani. Nanoscale. 2018, 10, 10952-10962

P16)First-​in-​Class Combination Therapy of a Copper(II) Metallo-​Phosphorus Dendrimer with Cytotoxic Agents

S. Mignani, N. El Brahmi, T. Cresteil, J. P. Majoral. Oncology, 2018, 94(5), 324-328.

P15)Original Multivalent Gold(III) and Dual Gold(III)​-​Copper(II) Conjugated Phosphorus Dendrimers as Potent Antitumoral and Antimicrobial Agents

S. Mignani, N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, R. Laurent, S. Ladeira, A. M. Caminade, E. Pedziwiatr-Werbicka, E. Szewczyk, M. Bryszewska, M. Bousmina, T. Cresteil, J. P. Majoral.  Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2017,14, 11, 4087-4097.

P14)Neutral high-​generation phosphorus dendrimers inhibit macrophage-​mediated inflammatory response in vitro and in vivo

I. Posadas, L. Romero-Castillo, N. El Brahmi, D. Manzanares, S. Mignani, J. P. Majoral, V. Cena, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2017, 114, E7660-E7669

P13) Anti-​Inflammatory Effect of Anti-​TNF-​α SiRNA Cationic Phosphorus Dendrimer Nanocomplexes Administered Intranasally in a Murine Acute Lung Injury Model

A. Bohr, N. Tsapis, I. Andreana, A. Chamarat, C. Foged, C. Delomenie, M. Noiray, N. El Brahmi, J. P. Majoral, S. Mignani, E. Fattal, Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18(8), 2379-2388.

P12)Anticancer copper(II) phosphorus dendrimers are potent proapoptoticBax activators.

S. Mignani, N. El Brahmi, L. Eloy, J. Poupon, V. Nicolas, A. Steinmetz, S. El Kazzouli, M. Bousmina, M. Blanchard-Desce, A. M. Caminade, J. P. Majoral, T. Cresteil. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2017, 132, 142-156.

P11)Symmetrical and unsymmetrical incorporation of active biological monomers on the surface of phosphorus dendrimers.

N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, S. Mignani, R. Laurent, S. Ladeira, A. M. Caminade, M. Bousmina, J. P. Majoral. Tetrahedron. 2017, 73, 1331-1341.

P10)Orthogonal Synthesis of Covalent Polydendrimer Frameworks by Fusing Classical and Onion-Peel Phosphorus-Based Dendritic Units.

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P9)A Novel Class of Ethacrynic Acid Derivatives as Promising Druggable Potent Generation of Anticancer Agents with Established Mechanism of Action.

S. Mignani, N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, L. Eloy, D. Courillaud, J. Caron, M. M. Bousmina, A. M. Caminade, T. Cresteil, J. P. Majoral. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2016, 122, 656-673

P8) Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Properties of New Hybrid Carbosilane-​Viologen-​Phosphorus Dendrimers.

S. Moreno, A. Szwed, N. El Brahmi, K. Milowska, J. Kuroswka, E. Fuentes-Paniagua, E. Pedziwiatr-Werbicka, T. Gabryelak, N. Katir,; J. de la Mata, M. A. Munoz-Fernandez, R. Gomez Ramirez, A. M. Caminade, J. P. Majoral, M. Bryszewska. RCS Advences.2015, 5, 25942-25958.

P7) Synthesis of Onion-Peel Nanodendritic Structures with Sequential Functional Phosphorus  Diversity.

N. Katir, N. El Brahmi,  A. EL Kadib, S. Mignani, A. M. Caminade,  M. Bousmina,  J. P.Majoral. Chemistry - A European Journal.2015, 21, 1-10

P6)Advances in direct C-​H arylation of 5,​5- 6,​5- and 6,​6-​fused-​heterocycles containing heteroatoms (N, O, S).

S. El Kazzouli, J. Koubachi, N. El Brahmi, G. Guillaumet. RCS Advences.2015, 5, 15292-15327.

P5) Investigations on dendrimer space reveal solid and liquid tumor growth-​inhibition by original phosphorus-​based dendrimers and the corresponding monomers and dendrons with ethacrynic acid motifs.

N. El Brahmi, S. Mignani, J. Caron, S. El Kazzouli, M. Bousmina, A. M. Caminade, T. Cresteil, J. P. Majoral. Nanoscale. 2015, 7, 3915-3922

P4) Comparative EPR studies of Cu(II)​-​conjugated phosphorous-​dendrimers in the absence and presence of normal and cancer cells.

M. F. Ottaviani, N. El Brahmi, M. Cangiotti, C. Coppola, F. Buccella, T. Cresteil, S. Mignani, A. M. Caminade, J. P. Costes, J. P. Majoral. RCS Advences. 2014, 4, 36573-36583.

P3) Copper in dendrimer synthesis and applications of copper-dendrimer systems in catalysis: a concise overview.

N. El Brahmi,S. El Kazzouli, S. Mignani, M. Bousmina and J-P. Majoral. Tetrahedron.2013, 69, 3103-3133.

P2) Microwave-assisted suzuki-miyaura cross-coupling of free (NH) 3-bromoindazoles.

A. Ben-Yahia, M. Nass, N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, J-P. Majoral, E. Essassi, G. Guillaumet, Curr. Org. Chem.2013, 17, 304-309.

P1) Original multivalent copper(II)-conjugated phosphorus dendrimers and corresponding mononuclear copper(II) complexes with antitumoral activities.

N. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, S. Mignani, E. M. Essassi, G. Aubert, R. Laurent, A. M. Caminade, M. Bousmina, T. Cresteil, J-P. Majoral, Mol. Pharmaceutics. 2013, 10, 1459-1464.

C4) Nabil El Brahmi,New Copper (II) and Gold (III)-Loaded Phosphorus Dendrimers: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation” Mohammedia, Maroc 19 et 20 Septembre, 2018.


C3) Nabil El Brahmi,Metallodendrimers : Synthesis and biological applications”.  Workshop international-Chimie Bio-Organique et Médicinale-. Fès, Maroc 22 Mars, 2017.


C2) New Drug-Loaded Phosphorus Dendrimers: Their synthesis and anticancer activities

Nabil. El Brahmi, S. El Kazzouli, S. Mignani, T. Cresteil, M. M. Bousmina, J. P. Majoral
32ndInternational Conference of the Polymer Processing Society, Lyon, France 25-29 July, 2016.


C1) Synthesis and characterization of new phosphorus-viologen-carbosilane dendrimers.

S. Moreno, Nabil El Brahmi, E. Fuentes-Paniagua, F.J de la Mata, J. P Majoral, R. Gómez.

8thInternational Dendrimer Symposium, Madrid, Spain 23-27 June, 2013.


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