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The choice to locate the Euromed University in the city of Fez is not fortuitous. The cultural and historical dimension of this city of more than twelve centuries, which hosts one of the oldest universities in the world; La Quaraouiyne, embodies all the traditional values of human openness and cultural symbiosis of Morocco, based on mutual respect and influence of the differences in culture and civilization of the region.

Its medina, classified since 1980 as World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, is first of all a museum of living art and culture, where harmoniously coexist several creative activities, representative of Moroccan craftsmanship in all its splendor. It is also a popular destination for tourists, in search of spirituality and a high place of pilgrimage, especially for African visitors, because of the symbolism of the place, space of knowledge and religion, which its medersas, its mosques and its mausoleums.

But beyond this fundamental cultural and historical aspect, Fez is also an essential economic hub in the Moroccan development strategy. The geostrategic position of Fez on the Moroccan motorway network, connecting Tangier to Agadir, from north to south, and Casablanca to Oujda, from west to east, constitutes a nodal point of Morocco's logistics scheme and the construction of the Maghreb highway, to link Nouakchott (Mauritania) to Tobrouk (Libya).

Also, it should not be surprising to note that this region is now concerned by most of the major sectoral development projects in Morocco. In fact, in the automotive, aeronautics and electronics sectors, the integrated industrial platform (P2I) with an area of 425 Ha, in Fès-Ras El Ma will have to accommodate industrial activities, industry-related logistics and services. A 202 Ha free export zone is annexed to it.