Type :

diploma (level bac+5)

Title :

Specialized Master's Degree: Project Management

Contact - Last & First name :

Azeddine ATIK

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Training aims

The Euromed Business School's Specialised Masters and Certificates aim to equip future executives, leaders and decision-makers with the skills and tools needed to meet the and transform organizational challenges. 
The courses given by Moroccan and international experts and researchers cover cross-cutting management skills, the development of soft skills, and the acquisition of advanced expertise in the field of specialisation. 
Our trainings put into action the pillars of the Euromed Profile - Openness to the World, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Digitalisation and Responsibility - to develop the potential and leadership of the participants. 
A pedagogical model for personal and professional development: Alternating between professional activity and learning - Team work - Projects with an impact on companies and society - Business game
Management Cross-disciplinary competences: Strategic Management - Organisational Design - Performance Management - Quality Management
Leadership and softs skills: Leadership and Team Management - Entrepreneurial Mindset and creative thinking - Communication Techniques in the workplace



Specific objectives

Understanding the regulatory, technical and organizational environment of an audit engagement 

Implementing an internal and external audit mission

Mastering the tools of control in organizations 

Build and use management dashboards to monitor performance 

Analyse a company's financial and operational performance and implement improvement plans

Professional Opportunities

Financial Auditor, Internal Auditor, Management Controller, Internal Controller, Management Consultant, Risk Manager

List of modules



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