Formation doctorale

Doctoral Training Human and Social Sciences

Diploma Issued: Doctorate in Human and Social Sciences

Coordinator: Pr A.Tenkoul

Responding to major societal issues in Morocco and the Euro-Mediterranean area such as: intercultural contexts; neighbourhood policies in the Mediterranean; Euro-Mediterranean heritage and its preservation and enhancement; media and social networks and their impact on society; Euro-Mediterranean-Africa issues in terms of geostrategy, mobility, migration, security, sustainable development, trade, innovation, industry, and health.

Intercultural exchange and co-construction
Neighbourhood policies and regional integration
Preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage
Euro-Mediterranean-Africa issues (geostrategy, migration, security, environment, trade, innovation, industry, mobility, health) 
Media and social networks 


  • ACHOURI Safae
  • EL GHILALI Khalil Morad

Expertise in an SHS field
Autonomy and teamwork
Capacity for analysis and synthesis
Communication and mastery of foreign languages
Mastery of digital tools
Project management and innovation