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Master in Business and Financial Law


Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 2 years


: Pre. Mounia Slighoua

Semester 1
Bank right
Fiscal law
Private International Law
Maritime and Transport Law
Intellectual property
Languages: Legal English – Spanish

Semester 2
Security law
Competition law
Companies in difficulty
Insurance law
Languages: Business English – Spanish

Semester 3
Markets and financial instruments law
International financial system
International Taxation
Criminal law of business affairs
International Trade Law
Research methodology seminar/internship

Semester 4
End-of-study internship or dissertation

This Master aims to train high-level lawyers with developed expertise in Business and Financial Law.
It aims to deepen in the different areas of law everything related to banking, financial and commercial operations.

 It is a privileged path for students wishing to move towards the practice of business law within the main legal professions (mainly lawyers, legal departments of large companies and banks, but also the professions of magistrates and notaries).

The many subjects and options offered within the Master's in Business and Financial Law will allow students to develop and deepen their legal knowledge in the different aspects of economic life and to better understand the economic and financial dimensions of legal issues.
The Master's in business law, course: financial, aims to train high-level lawyers in this still new subject but in full development at the national, regional and international levels.
Are mainly evaluated the capacities of understanding, analysis and synthesis of the elements of law and economy which contribute to the structuring of this emerging discipline.

Institut Euromed des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques

Business law and in particular financial law is an essential branch of private law whose evolution reflects the major trends of our time: internationalization of economic exchanges, dematerialization of information and financialization of the economy.
The training combines theoretical and practical lessons relating respectively to the law of associations, the law of financial markets, the law of financial instruments and services, the law of market operations, international financial law, business criminal law and English. financial.
The 1st year of specialization in the Master’s in Business Law ‘Common Core’ mainly prepares for the different courses of the professional Master 2, namely:
Master 2 in Business and Financial Law (Subject of this application); Master 2 in Business Law and Taxation and International Business Law which will be created later.

Admission procedures (the CNPN's RG3 standard provides that the selection of candidates is done by means of a written test and any other procedure provided for in the description of the course)

Qualifications required:
Bachelor's degree in legal, political, economic or management sciences
Any national or foreign diploma recognized as equivalent to a 3-year Baccalaureate course

Specific educational prerequisites:
A good knowledge of the fundamentals of law (civil law, law of obligations, contract law)

Selection procedures:
* Study of the file:
   (Explain the selection criteria: mentions, number of years of study, grades for the main subjects, etc.)
The candidate must attest, in addition to the good grades in his previous course, to a good knowledge of law and languages, in particular French (main language of instruction)
* Written test (to test the candidate's writing and legal argumentation skills)
* Interview in front of a Jury

Obtaining the diploma opens up numerous and diverse professional opportunities for holders, commensurate with the current and foreseeable development of the financial sphere: specialized law firms, legal departments of non-financial companies or financial institutions (credit institutions and other investment service providers), institutions (market companies), economic administrations and market authorities (in particular financial market regulatory authorities or international organizations).

- Activity area
All sectors of the market economy, especially financial institutions.
The public economic sector (public enterprises, regulatory authorities, Central Bank)

- Employers
financial organizations,
Financial institutions,
Financial sector regulatory authorities,
Large companies,
Law firms.
Listed companies and multinationals

- Professions
financial lawyer,
Business lawyer
financial legal consultant,
Business lawyer