Prof. OthmaneBenmoussadiscusses the concept of crisis management in organisations in times of uncertainty


Middle managers have a crucial role to play in an organisation:they have to reconcile the well-being of theiremployees and implement the company'sstrategic vision. This is a delicatetaskthatbecomeseven more complicated in times of uncertainty. Indeed, crises willbring about multiple challenges in the workingenvironment;conflicts, lack of transparency and unforeseeneventscangenerate confusion and upset the internal balance. Middle-managers findthemselves in the front line to manage these situations. Between the strategic vision of the top management and the expectations of the employees, middle managers must show a lot of tact and discernment in order to mitigate the impact of theseuncertainties.

Pr. OthmaneBenmoussa, throughhis article on Media 24, has verywelldetailedthisproblem by analysingitfromseveral angles and by highlighting certain resolutions, the result of an in-depthstudy on the subject.