Euromed University of Fes is participating in the INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM – DEVPORT

Congresses and colloquia

After the success of the first three editions, the DEVPORT team organized the fourth event on October 4th and 5th, 2023, focusing on the theme of territorial ports. The University of Le Havre Normandy organized a multidisciplinary colloquium around the theme: "DEVPORT - What role for territorial ports in the future maritime system?" The aim of this event is to compare various disciplinary approaches related to maritime activities on an international level.

During the proceedings of this colloquium, Professor Hasna SLAMTI, a Research Professor at Euromed University of Fes, presented on the role of secondary ports as a driver of regional development in Morocco. She aimed to shed light on the progress made in Morocco on geopolitical and economic fronts concerning maritime ports since the reign of King Mohammed VI. Ms. SLAMTI also emphasized the policy of creating new specialized ports in Morocco in parallel with the development of existing ports.