Euromed University of Fes is participating in the international conference on Covid-19

Congresses and colloquia

An international conference on Covid-19 and its long-term consequences on our societies was held on Thursday, October 12, and Friday, October 13, on the Troubiran campus of the University of Guyane under the theme 'Covid-19: What do our attitudes reveal in the face of this virus and its pandemic, and what changes will it bring about?'

This event saw the participation of Professor Hasna Slamti, a research professor at Euromed, who, through her presentation, aims to show how the future of the world depends on how governments and international organizations respond to the consequences of the pandemic. She demonstrated that the current global governance is outpaced by globalization, and it is clear that the emergence of global governance can no longer occur with fragmented systems. The trend is towards global altruistic governance.