Conference at the EuromedPolytechnicSchool by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Hassani - "A geologist'sparadise - A journeythrough time in the Kingdom of Morocco

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According to Pierre Despujols, "Despiteits location at the gateway to Europe, Moroccoremained, until the beginning of the last century, as mysterious as the most distant lands. Is it not, however, the cradle of geology?

Indeed, ourlecturer, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Hassani, residentmember of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques, confirmsthat "Moroccoisconsideredgeologically to beamong the countries thatprovide a fairlycompleteaccount of the geologicalhistory of the globe (from the Archaean to the Quaternary). As such, itis of major interest to the international scientificcommunity and isregularlyvisited by a large number of geologistsfrom all five continents. In addition to the greatdiversity of geological terrains, severalstratotypes and groups of fossils have been identified in Moroccowherethey are the best represented on a planetaryscale. These riches remainunknown to the majority of Moroccans, including managers of natural areas and even the non-specialisedscientificcommunity. This is a reason to carry out "inventory" type studies, whichgeologistsrarely do, but which have a fundamentalrole in raising public awareness of the need to safeguard, develop and make rational use of thisheritage.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassani in "Le paradis des géologues - Un voyage à travers les temps dans le Royaume du Maroc", Hassan II AcademyPress