"The Lessons from an Earthquake" - a lecture by Professor Rachid Achachi

Cycle of conferences

The Al Haouz earthquake was the focus of the first episode of the "Wednesday Philosophy" series this year through a lecture titled "Lessons from an Earthquake: Deciphering and Perspectives of Solidarity" and conducted by Professor Rachid Achachi.

As part of the lecture series at Euromed University of Fes and in response to the earthquake that our country experienced on September 8th, the first episode of the new academic year 2023/2024, led by Professor Rachid ACHACHI, a geopolitics columnist and consultant, addressed the theme of "Lessons from an Earthquake: Deciphering and Perspectives of Solidarity."

In the presence of Professor Mostapha BOUSMINA, the President of UEMF, and many other administrative and academic staff members, Professor Rachid ACHACHI appeared at Euromed University of Fes on October 4th to analyze the aspects of the solidarity movement that took place throughout Morocco. In his analysis, Professor Achachi delved into the factors that underlie the intensity of our empathy in the face of a tragedy, covering the philosophical, sociological, and psychological aspects of the matter. He also took the opportunity to explain to the audience how to capitalize politically and socially on a collective wave of empathy.

In line with Professor Achachi's lectures, this event provided another opportunity to share moments of intellectual exchange with the students and professor-researchers in attendance