Ms NajetVallaudBelkacem:SustainableDevelopment Goals 2030: so far, sonear?

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Decarbonisation, reduction of greenhousegasemissions, povertyeradication, justice and peace and otherprioritiesdefined by the United Nations for the year 2030 constitute the 17 SustainableDevelopment Goals designed to address the global challenges we face.

Theseinterconnected goals are so important thatitisnecessary to ensurethateach of them, and each of theirtargets, is met by 2030. Why are these goals a priority and whatis the extent of their implications for organisations? This is the question addressed in this lecture by Ms Najat VallaudBelkacem. Former Minister of National Education, former Minister of Women'sRights, City, Youth and Sports and currentlyDirector of ONE France, the NGO fightingagainstextremepoverty and preventablediseases, Mrs. NajetVallaudBelkacemaccepted the invitation of UEMF to givethisconferencemoderated by Pr. Hafsa El Bekri, teacher-researcher at the Euromed Business School and Co-Director of the Think Tank Research Institute for European, Mediterranean, and AfricanStudies (RIEMAS)

The theme of thisconferenceisparticularlyappreciated by the EuromedUniversity of Fez which places sustainability at the heart of itsfundamental values. In thissense, the Universitywasrecentlyawarded the "Responsible Campus of the Year" prizeduring the ceremonyorganised in Paris on Tuesday 04 October 2022, under the effective presidency of the French Minister ofHigher Education and Research.

The "Responsible Institution of the Year" categoryrewardsUEMF'scommitment to the SDGs and itssustainable impact in becoming a responsible organisation with regard to the challenges of transition in four main areas:

Leadership and Governance; Real Estate and Operations; and

Real Estate and Operations; and

Learning, Teaching and Research;

Partnership and Engagement.