Rethinking the concept of Sovereignty: theme of Mr Rachid Achachi's lecture

Cycle of conferences

Mr Rachid Achachi, Luxe Radio columnist and geopolitical consultant, will be at the Euromed University in Fez today, 24 May 2023, to give a lecture on the theme of "Rethinking the concept of Sovereignty", as part of the cycle of lectures he is giving at our University. 

During his talk, Mr Achachi addressed the issue of sovereignty through the questioning of the sovereignty of States in a number of areas (health, food, energy, digital, etc.), including the challenges posed by this questioning and the consequences of globalisation on States from the point of view of their political, economic and cultural autonomy.  
As with the lectures given by Mr Achachi, this meeting was an opportunity to share moments of intellectual exchange with the students and teacher-researchers present at the event.