UEMF and the World Bank co-organize a conference on climatechange: challenges for the Fez-Meknesregion

Cycle of conferences

The EuroMedUniversity of Fez and the World Bank organized a conference-debateentitled: "Climate Change: Challenges for the Region of Fez-Meknes", with the participation of Mr. Mostapha Bousmina, President of the EuroMedUniversity of Fez; Mr. FeridBelhaj, Vice President MENA for the World Bank and Mr. Abdeslam Bekkali, Mayor of the city of Fez. This eventprovided an opportunity to hearfrom key actors in the Fez-MeknesRegiontheir perspectives on the challenges posed by climate change and theirrecommendations for actions to beimplementedlocally to help anchor the region in a resilient and sustainabledevelopmentpath.

As the world emergesfrom the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, a consensus isemergingthat the post-COVID-19 recoveryprocess must beused to address the threat of climate change in a determinedmanner. Moroccois one of the mostvulnerable countries to climate change, primarilybecause of its water scarcity and exposure to naturaldisasters, which are expected to increasewithclimate change. Nevertheless, Moroccoisalso in a particularly favorable situation, due to its large renewableenergyresources, whichshouldallowit to become a "clean energy champion" and to join the global decarbonization trend.

This eventwasattended by variousdistinguishedpanelists, such as Mr. FathallahSijilmassi, President of the Research Institute for European, Mediterranean, and AfricanStudies (RIEMAS), Mr. Abdeslam Bekkali, Mayor of the city of Fez, Mr. Omar Tajmouati, Director of the University of Fez, and Mr. Gianfranco Pérez, Director of the University of Morocco. Omar Tajmouati, Vice President General - Acting President, CGEM Fez-Taza, Mr. M'hammedDryef, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South, and Mr. AmjadKiti, Director of the EconomicImpetus and Territorial Offer, Regional Investment Center of the Fez-MeknesRegion. 

The conferenceendedwith a presentation of the climatefresco, by the students of the Euromed Business School, whobrilliantlyevokedsustainable solutions to reduce the carbonfootprintwithin the campus but also at the level of the city of Fez, and by ricochet, the region of Fez-Meknes