Dr. Abdelhak Azouzi, President of the Chair of the Alliance of Civilizations, was a guest on the program "The Last Line" on Abu Dhabi TV

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As part of preparations for the "COP 28" events scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 12 2023, in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Abdelhak Azouzi, the Chair of the Alliance of Civilizations President and the member of the Board of the Euromed University of Fes, was hosted by Abu Dhabi TV to discuss developments in global climate change.

During this meeting, Dr. Abdelhak Azouzi emphasized the seriousness of the situation our planet is facing due to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution, which threatens the future of the Earth on land and at sea.

He also stressed the need for positive actions and the implementation of proposals and recommendations that can reduce this phenomenon and take necessary measures, both nationally and internationally, to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, similar to the efforts made by countries like the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco in developing renewable energy and green technologies.

Dr. Azouzi emphasized in his speech the importance of the participation of all stakeholders, especially industrialized countries that contribute directly to exacerbating this environmental crisis, and suggested realistic solutions to help reduce levels of carbon dioxide emissions.