EMADU is pleased to announce that we have been accredited for Master in Design

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Design is a combination of engineering with the human sciences as well as art and creativity.

At the Design department, students learn how to create new products, taking into account innovation, solving existing problems and ergonomics, as well as aesthetic and visual issues. In the coming years, we focus on the present and the opportunities arising from modern technologies and new digital media. We will work on prototypes in 3D printing technology. We focus on designing applications, games, visual communication, but not only...

The Master in Design studies provides the 4 following specializations : 

Graphic Design
Focus on visual communication, typography, visual advertising, designing books, prints, posters, banners and websites, Branding and complete visual identification of companies and products. Visualizations and project presentations.

Game Design
Designing games and mobile applications - designing multimedia structures, UX design, character design, motion design, 2D and 3D animation, multimedia and video post-production. Design for 3D engines, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Care Design
focus on people, communities and ecosystems. Care design means solutions to live harmoniously together and create a common ground. The project of care and concern for others imagines, designs, conceptualizes, develops, formalizes and evaluates to ensure the development of innovative products and services in areas such as: Health, Ecology, Public Policy.

Design of innovative products based on respect for heritage and culture, and cooperation with artisans. Using traditional techniques, we think about new solutions, innovative use of traditional crafts, as well as ecology, close connection with the place for which the inhabitants of the product are dedicated.


If our Master meets your interest and motivations, please register on the UEMF website :


For more information : Ewa Potocka (e.potocka@ueuromed.org), office : B1. 2-02.