Euromed Business School and School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence studentsranked 3rd in Attijari Startup Game

Various announcements

The results of the Attijari Startup Game competitionwereannounced on Monday 28 November, with the winning teams beingannounced. The 3rd place of the podium goes to the students of EBS and EIDIA.

As a reminder, the Business Game of Attijariwafabank, initiatedunder the theme "Attijari Startup Game" has seen the participation of a dozenschools and universities in Morocco and several countries in sub-SaharanAfricainvolvingstudentswho are adept in digital technology.

This competitionallowedstudents to implementfinancialmechanisms in a concreteway and to makestrategicchoicesthrough an immersion in the business world. At the end of the competition, a prize-givingceremonytook place at the headquarters of Attijariwafabank in Casablanca.