[NEW TRAINING] Master in Management of Biobank

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A biobankis a place wherebiologicalsamples and health data collectedfrom patients and healthyindividualswiththeir consent are stored. Today, biobanks are driving the biomedicalresearchsector. That iswhy the BiomedTechSchool of Engineering announces the opening of a new Master in Management of Biobanks programme. This is a programme thatfocuses on the technique, management and data management of complexbiologicalsamples in biobanks in public hospitals or privatelaboratories. The curriculum of the programme meets the standards of the Ministry of Higher Education and involvesboththeoretical and practical concepts related to biobanking. 

The Master in Management of Biobanksprovidesitsstudentswith the necessaryknowledge to coordinate the technical and scientific aspects of a biobank, manage the data associatedwith the samples and develop a quality management system.

Specifically, this programme aims to :

Bringstudents to the forefront of biobankingknowledge;
Familiarise studentswith the organisation, management and operation of biobanks at national level;
To developstrongtechnical and managerialskillsfocused on biobanking;
To understandsample management and the ethical and legal aspects of biobanks; Scientific contributions in the field of sample science.