UEMF hosts the RAM DIGITAL OPEN INNOVATION for its second edition

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Today, 23 June, the EuromedUniversity of Fez hosted the final phase of the second edition of the RAM Digital Open Innovation, aimed at selecting the best solutions and projectsled by the finalist startups.

As part of an initiative to support project leaders and create start-ups and spinouts in innovativefields, the EuromedUniversity of Fez ishosting the second edition of the RAM DIGITAL OPEN INNOVATION programme, organised in partnershipwith Royale Air Maroc. From 18 to 23 June 2023, the eventwasheld at the UEMF Eco-Campus, with a week-long Bootcampdedicated to the productdevelopmentprocess, improving value propositions and designing the first version of projects. At the end of these workshops, a Demodaywasscheduled for Friday to find out which solution or solutions had won. 

The Demodaytook place in the presence of a number of eminentpersonalities, including Mr Addou Abdelhamid, Chairman and CEO of RAM, Mr KharlamovAlexei, Director of RAM's Transformation Division, Ms Kazzini Ilham, Director of RAM's Commercial Division, Mr Benchekroun Karim, Director of RAM's Commercial Division, and Mr Kazzini Ilham, Director of RAM's Commercial Division. Benchekroun Karim, Chief Financial Officer of RAM, Mr. Jalali Adil, Director of Operations of RAM, Pr. Bousmina Mostapha, President of the EuromedUniversity of Fez, Mr. Sami Romdhane, Country Manager of Visa Morocco. 

This programme aims to shape a new generation of innovativeproducts and services to meet the challenges facing the national airline. To this end, the EuromedUniversity in Fez welcomed 10 teams of youngdevelopersfrom all over the world withdifferent challenges. These start-ups had a week at our Eco-Campus to prepare for the final pitch, with the aim of eventuallyseeingtheir solution deployed. 

This initiative supports the strategy of the EuromedUniversity of Fez and its efforts to support young people in their entrepreneurial endeavours and to enhance the value of human capital in society through training, support, skillsdevelopment and the financing of innovativeprojects. The UEMF isrevolutionising the image of the traditionaluniversity by workingactivelywithinitsecosystem, in particularthroughitsmanypartnerships and collaboration agreementswith the variousplayers in the socio-economic world, bothnationally and internationally.