Visit of the LiberianMinister of Education and hisdelegation to the EuromedUniversity of Fez


On Friday 19 May, Mr Dao ANSU SONII, Minister of Education of the Republic of Liberia, visited the EuromedUniversity of Fez. He wasaccompanied by an important delegationincluding Mr. Saku DUKULY, Secretary of State for Education, Mr. Robert YARSUO LORMIA, Ambassador, Theophilus A. SNORTON, Director of Scholarships; Samuel G. WILLIAMS, Coordinator/International Scholarships and Mrs Sangay M. FREEMAN, Director of Science Education, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

During the receptionorganised in theirhonour, a briefpresentation of the University and itscurrentprojectswas made followed by an exchange on the opportunities for cooperationbetween the University and itsLiberiancounterparts. A detailed tour of the University'slaboratories and technologicalplatformswasalsoorganised on the sidelines of this meeting. 

The Minister and the accompanyingdelegationexpressedtheirgreat satisfaction at the end of the visit, particularlyimpressed by the quality of the scientific and technical infrastructure put in place by the University in such a short time and by the exchanges with the University'sstudents and doctoral candidates during the visit of the laboratories and the innovation and start-up support centre. The Ministerstressed the importance of Liberianstudentsbeing able to startthesiswork at the UEMF, like PhD studentsfromotherAfrican countries, and instructedthoseaccompanyinghim to strengthen exchanges with the university and itscounterparts in Liberia.