Design workshop in Volubilis under the supervision of Mr. Andrea Anastasio, International Designer


Within the framework of the Morocco-Italian cooperation, several pedagogical and para-pedagogical activities are permanently taking place at the Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (EMADU). Exchanges of experience and supervision of student work, workshops and workshops, but also meetings with specialist architects and designers are on the agenda. 

In this sense, a workshop supervised by EMADU in collaboration with the international designer Andrea Anastasio took place from 25 October to 4 November in the Lalla Yeddouna site. The students participating in the Design programme were able to exchange ideas with Mr. Anastasio and also went on a trip to the historic site of Volubilis in the presence of His Excellency the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Armando Barucco.

During the workshop, wonderful projects were created by merging the local craftsmanship of the artisans with the contemporary techniques of the students, under the supervision of Mr. Andrea Anastasio. The results will be exhibited in an exhibition scheduled for December 2022, following a competition involving all participants.