Humanities and Social Sciences Pole

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Humanities and Social Sciences Pole


UEMF gives particular importance to the teaching of the human and social sciences. In order to grasp the modern world, which is increasingly complex and in a state of perpetual globalisation and change, it is necessary to acquire a rational and critical mind and a capacity for multidimensional analysis that is nourished and forged in particular by philosophy and the human and social sciences. Land use planning and urban modernisation projects, the introduction of new technologies or changes in production processes and procedures very often include human and social dimensions, the consideration of which is a prerequisite for the success of the objectives pursued.  

The HSS pole comprises :

  • The Euromed Faculty of HSS
  • The Euromed Institute of Legal and Political Sciences
  • The Euromed Business School
  • SHS Centres: Languages-Civilization, History and Heritage 

Teaching and research cover several disciplines: modern languages, translation, interpreting, heritage, history, law, business law, economics, management, finance, marketing, political science, international relations, and many others.

Students and researchers benefit from mobility with renowned partner institutions as well as internships in partner companies.