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Before you fly 

  • Confirm your registration with the chosen institute of UEMF by requesting a final certificate of registration. 
  • Request the visa ("studies") from the Moroccan consular authorities, for the countries where it is issued. 
  • Advise the UEMF reception and schooling service in advance of your arrival date 
  • Have a medical certificate attesting to your state of health or a vaccination card 
  • Provide the financial means necessary to cover the expenses relating to the costs of file, transport, subscription to the insurance system, housing, …
  • Bring the originals of all the documents requested by UEMF for the registration 
  • In order to stay in Morocco, you must: 
  • To find accommodation 
  • Finalize your university registration 
  • Request your residence permit 

To obtain a residence permit in Morocco, several documents are required: 

  • A certificate of registration at the university 
  • A scholarship certificate or proof of income 
  • Your lease contract or proof of address (discharge of water, electricity or rent) 
  • A stamp of 60 DHS 
  • 8 identity photos 
  • A copy of your passport with the last date of entry 
  • The administrative form to be completed Once requested, a receipt will be issued to you pending the residence card which is valid for one year