President's word

Placed under the High Honorary Presidency of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF) is a non-profit, public interest institution labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) with the support of its 43 member countries. Its diplomas are recognized by the Moroccan State, and several of its courses are in double graduation with the best universities in the Euro-Mediterranean area. 

The project for the creation of the UEMF emanates from the Royal Initiative with the objective to create in Fez a framework for higher education and research-based on intercultural dialogue, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean and with a natural extension towards Sub-Saharan Africa, while offering education of excellence and conducting scientific research of very high level in close connection with the socio-economic world. 

Due to its unique nature, UEMF contributes to the development of regional integration in the Europe-Mediterranean-Africa region through education, science and culture, and also through the mobility and exchange of students and research staff. Our university involves at all levels of its academic and administrative organization human resources from the Euro-Mediterranean-Africa region. Currently, our students and faculty represent 43 nationalities, and our human resources are composed of 51% of women.

Our aim is not only to prepare experts who master the most modern knowledge, techniques and technologies, but also and above all to educate citizens who are aware of their rights as well as their duties; citizens who are imbued with universal and multidimensional values in terms of openness, living together, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and respect of others and of the environment. Moreover, all our students are trained throughout their studies in soft skills, study skills, life-skills, professional skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

UEMF puts scientific and technical research as well as innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of its development strategy. Our ambition is to make UEMF a significant player in the development of highly qualified human capital for the creation of knowledge, know-how, and wealth through innovation and entrepreneurship. UEMF is at the heart of the city and at the service of the city and our motto is '' Univer-City''.

In addition to its academic and socio-economic role, the University has a social responsibility to provide access to its programs to a more significant number of students through several types of scholarships dedicated in particular to brilliant students from low-income backgrounds and also to students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Finally, UEMF has an Eco-Campus designed to the highest international standards with a cutting edge teaching and research facilities.