Receiving and integration

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Under the impulse of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco, a country of emigration, transit and immigration, continues to express its commitment to an integrated management of migration that takes into account aspirations citizens with dignity, economic development, peace and stability.
Morocco adopted a new migration policy in 2013 which provides programs for the successful integration of migrants and refugees in Morocco by guaranteeing them access to basic social services in areas as important as education, culture, youth, health, social assistance, employment and vocational training.
Since the early 90s, Morocco has faced new migratory realities, and has gradually transformed from a land of student emigration into a host and transit country for thousands of migrants, who form some composite group refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers, but also foreign students.
Thousands of foreign students, mainly from 151 countries, live in Morocco. Their number has grown steadily for years, from around 6,000 students in the early 2000s to around 20,000 currently, an average annual change of 10%.
The number of African students enrolled in Moroccan higher education institutions has also experienced sustained growth in recent years. 85% of foreign students in Morocco are of African origin. This presence is explained by the active policy of the Kingdom towards brother and friendly African States.
This increase is also due to the diversified offer of the higher education system of the Kingdom and to the specificities of international student mobility facilitated by the cooperation policy.
The UEMF is part of the policy led by the Kingdom and develops several actions for a better integration of foreign and especially African students: missions in Africa, reception, orientation, scholarships, housing assistance, ...