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UEMF Student Card

After registering at the UEMF University, students obtain their student status and automatically receive their Student Card.
The Student Card looks like a credit card containing the cardholder’s name, photo, and identification number. It is strictly personal and has several functionalities:

  • the university is now using the Student Card for access to the University's Eco-campus. All students are required to use it to punch in and out. 
  • The UEMF Student Card provides the ability to visibly identify all students while they are on campus, which is why students are required to show their card at the controls carried out by the security agents.
  • It is used as an access badge for certain premises with limited access, examination rooms, the sports complex, the library, the university residence and the UEMF car parks;
  • It can be used as a payment card (electronic wallet, to be refilled by the UEMF cash office) for meals and all purchasing operations within the University's Eco-campus. The reload of the card is done by cash, with a minimum of 100 Dhs;
  • It allows its holder to participate in the voting operations for the selection of delegates and student representatives to the university's bodies. 

The student card is issued free of charge by the Students Affairs Department after registration at UEMF.

In the event of loss, theft or damage, the student must immediately inform the UEMF Services. There is a charge of 100 DH.

Students reporting a lost or stolen card is automatically followed by disabling the card. Once disabled, the card loses all its functionalities.

The Student Card remains the property of the Euromed University of Fez, which may cancel it at any time.

It is strictly forbidden to lend, falsify or modify this card. Anyone who uses a card that has been falsified or belongs to another person is subject to disciplinary sanctions.
Anyone finding a lost student card is kindly requested to return it to IT Services.