Digital Infrastructures

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UEMF is equipped with digital infrastructures (hardware and software) enabling it to have a very modern digital campus:
Optical fibre cabling, telecommunications, security tools, data centre, servers-computers-printers, teaching and research software, management software (schooling -research - human resources – assets – restaurant - residence), wifi and a high-speed internet connection, digital teaching boards, teaching recording studios, videoconferencing equipment and software - audio-visual equipment, video projectors, screens, cameras, video surveillance. 

The UEMF has also created the first engineering school wholly dedicated to Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (EIDIA) in the Euro-Mediterranean-African Space. This school has the most important state-of-the-art equipment in Morocco: 3D System Platform from Dassault Systèmes, Huawei, Microsoft, IBM and others. EIDIA research teams work on big-data, deep learning, virtual reality, robotics and cobotics (human-computer interaction) for applications in various fields: cybersecurity, medical, profiling, mobile, connected car.