International Mobility

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With both a regional and international vocation, UEMF collaborates with an extensive network of partners, including universities, institutes, industry and the economy, with the aim of reaching excellence and having a real impact on society.
UEMF offers its students and teacher-researchers, through its various partnerships, opportunities for international mobility.
UEMF also sets up a system for hosting international students during exchange semesters, to facilitate their stay and their studies in Fez.
Academic exchange can take place within the framework of three types of agreements:

Double Degree Agreements
This is an agreement that allows students to have both the diploma of the host university and that of the UEMF. The granting of diplomas is subject to reciprocal validation rules.

Bilateral Agreements
This type of agreement allows UEMF students to spend one or two exchange semesters at the partner's university. This programme does not lead to a diploma from the partner university.

Erasmus+ Agreements
These are agreements agreed only with European partners who have received funds from the European Commission to finance mobility for the benefit of their non-European partner Universities.
UEMF is a partner in a large number of Erasmus+ projects.
Going on an international internship
Would you like to do an international internship as part of your university course at UEMF? 
Would you like to put into practice what you have learned during your studies?
In addition to a rich cultural experience, this mobility will make all the difference on your CV. UEMF, through your institution and the Directorate of Partnerships and Cooperation, will support you in your project.

Find your host organisation
You can benefit from the support of your institution and the Directorate of Partnerships and Cooperation. You can also get in touch with your supervisors and research professors to find out about companies in Morocco and abroad that have already hosted or wish to host students from your internship training. 

Some research avenues
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Outside Europe