Fez Smart Factory (FSF)




Establishment of innovative industrial reception areas to develop the competitiveness of the regional industry in the form of an innovative integrated industrial platform oriented towards Industry 4.0. Providing conditions for the transformation of existing industrial units into 4.0 plants on the one hand, and for the emergence of new 4.0 plants through innovation processes on the other.


Missions and Support
  • To offer an integrated and sustainable Zone to industrialists wishing to modernise, digitalise and clean up their production while taking advantage of a favourable ecosystem of research, startups and students. 
  • Support the creation and perpetuation of innovative startups by offering them incubation and access to expensive equipment provided by the university, as well as customers with guaranteed first purchase orders. 
  • Promote and democratise the 4.0 industry by offering a showroom (model factory) for initial and continuing training as well as the 

Millenium Challenge Account Morocco -CGEM Fès/ Taza, Conseil régional Fès Meknès -Alten Delivery Center Maroc.


Name : Pr Tijani Bounahmidi

Email : t.bounahmidi@ueuromed.org