UEMF Research Center

Research activities are carried out within the UEMF Research Center. The internal organisation of this center includes two units, one in engineering and the other in Human and Social Sciences, and research teams accredited by the University, each comprising more than two teacher-researchers. The Center has technological platforms with very high level scientific and technological equipment accessible to the entire scientific community of the Center. The Center has a director, a steering committee, and a scientific council.

Research activities are carried out on priority themes meeting the needs of the UEMF research and innovation strategy. Research staff, which includes doctoral students, post-docs, research professors, engineers and technicians, must comply with the work plan approved by the University's governing bodies with regard to the priority axes of the UEMF and in strict compliance with the UEMF ethics charter and the standards in force concerning the use of animals or human experience.

University research staff are encouraged to seek other sources of funding by forging links with the socio-economic and industrial world and by participating in national and international funding programs. Incentives for this are set up by UEMF to reward the most active professor-researchers. A UEMF researcher who obtains a research project financed by sources external to the University is himself authorizing the expenses relating to his research project. Researchers may include in the budget of the research project submitted to the granting bodies personal bonuses approved by the said granting body and by UEMF. The University can also award research grants to the most deserving professors, especially those who publish the results of their research in prestigious international journals with very high impact factors such as NATURE and SCIENCE.