Vision, Missions and Ambitions


UEMF is a Euro-Mediterranean platform for intercultural dialogue, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean, with a natural extension towards Sub-Saharan Africa. It contributes, from an academic and cultural perspective to the development of regional integration in the Europe-Mediterranean-Africa area.
UEMF aims to be a research university that gives great importance to the three cycles of university education. Its educational programmes are designed to provide the laureates with strong employability and/or entrepreneurial potential to create Start-ups, spinouts and spinoffs. It also conducts high-level research that meets the needs of society. Finally, UEMF aims to be one of the essential engines of development in the Fès-Meknès region.
Ultimately, UEMF is gradually establishing itself as one of the leaders in digital transformation and also as a major centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.  


Regional Integration: To contribute to the development and strengthening of regional integration by promoting intercultural dialogue, exchange and academic and cultural partnerships in the Euro-Mediterranean-African space.

Human capital: To create a centre of knowledge, creation and innovation that is multidimensional, multicultural and multilingual, in order to educate first of all responsible citizens who are aware of their rights, but also of their duties and imbued with universal and multidimensional values in terms of openness, living together, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and respect for others and the environment. 

Targeted Research: Conducting high-level research that responds to socio-economic challenges, changing technology, and societal needs. 

Centre for reflection: to be a centre for reflection and proposals concerning the transformation of society, the challenges of regional integration and development models.

Targeted Research: Innovation and Transfer: Working to design an enabling environment for innovation, knowledge and technology creation and transfer.

Local Involvement: To be one of the engines of economic, cultural and social development of the Fez-Meknes Region and by ricochet of Morocco.

Professional integration: Accompanying the UEMF laureates in their professional integration and in the creation of their businesses


By 2035, UEMF is determined to be:

1- A centre of cultural diversity, exchange and collaboration with more than 30% of its students and more than 40% of its teacher-researchers from the Euro-Mediterranean-African space;

2- A dedicated think-tank reflecting on issues concerning the Euro-Mediterranean-African area and on the challenges of digital technology;

3- 1st University in Africa for education on:

  • political and legal studies of the Euro-Mediterranean-Africa region, 
  • digital engineering and artificial intelligence;
  • architecture;
  • civil engineering, mechanical engineering, ICT and BioMed-tech engineering;  

4- 1st University in Morocco in terms of: 

  • publications and patents by number of faculty members, 
  • research contracts with the socio-economic and industrial communities,
  • research on the Euromed-Africa space, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, materials, batteries and BioMed-tech,
  • creation of start-ups and spinouts; 

5- a major university hospital centre with international standards in training and research.