Direct generation of hydrogen from seawater


Direct generation of hydrogen from seawater

Descriptif du sujet

Important attention is currently paid to hydrogen as a vector of green energy. It can be generated from various sources using different technologies. One of the routes for obtaining green hydrogen is direct electrolysis of water, which is itself a rare resource mainly in areas that suffer from water scarcity.

One of the alternatives is the use of seawater, but this poses several challenges and drawbacks due mainly to the presence of salt.

The objective of the thesis is to generate green hydrogen by a new process using directly seawater without the step of water desalination.

The proposed project includes different areas such as mechanical engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, processing and 3D printing. 

Profil recherché

Masters/Engineer degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Registration procedure

  • For any application submission, please consult this link
  • Start date : September/October 2023
  • Duration   : 3 years
  • Submission deadline : First September 2023
  • Co-director : Prof. Mostapha El Jai :
  • Affiliation : “Advanced Materials, Design, and Processing” Team, Euromed University of Fes, Fes, Morocco
Directeur de thèse
Prof. Mostapha Bousmina