Ateliers pratiques de génie civil
Practical Civil Engineering Workshops

The practical construction workshops held by EuromedPolytechnicSchool (EPS) in partnershipwith TGCC on May 13 and 20, 2023 for the benefit of the 4th year civil engineering studentsfocused on the progress of

Visite du Ministre de l'Éducation libérien et sa délégation à l'Université Euromed de Fès
Visit of the LiberianMinister of Education and hisdelegation to the EuromedUniversity of Fez

On Friday 19 May, Mr Dao ANSU SONII, Minister of Education of the Republic of Liberia, visited the EuromedUniversity of Fez. He wasaccompanied by an important delegationincluding Mr. Saku DUKULY, Secretary of State for Education, Mr. Robert YARSUO LORMIA, Ambassador, Theophilus A. SNORTON, Director of Scholarships; Samuel G. WILLIAMS, Coordinator/International Scholarships and Mrs Sangay M. FREEMAN, Director of Science Education, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Exposition « Promenade mathématique à travers Al-Andalus »
Exhibition "Mathematicalwalkthrough Al-Andalus

As part of the daysdedicated to the architecture and heritage of Andalusia, organizedbetween 17 and 20 May 2023, by the Cervantes Institute in Fez and the cultural service of the Embassy of Spain in Rabat, the exhibition "MathematicalWalkthrough Al-Andalus" wasscheduled on May 18.

Sortie scientifique enrichissante à la société Webhelp de Fès
Scientific outing to Webhelp in Fez

Within the framework of the partnershipbetween UEMF and Webhelp, and in order to consolidate the students' knowledge in the field of HRM and the application

Retour en images sur l'événement de Projection du Film "les constructeurs de Alhambra" organisé hier, le 17 mai 2023, à l'UEMF
Screening of the Film "The Builders of Alhambra

This event, which is part of the cultural cooperation between the Euromed University of Fez and the Cervantes Institute, allowed our students to experience, among other things, the fascinating historical reconstruction of the kingdom of Granada through the construction of the epicentre of power, the sumptuous Alhambra.

Workshop sur les transports intelligents (ITS), la mobilité et la planification urbaine
Workshop on Intelligent Transport (ITS), Mobility and Urban Planning

UEMF organized, on May 15 and 16, 2023, in collaboration with its partner Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, two workshops, one on AI applied to agriculture and food security and the other on intelligent transport (ITS), mobility and urban planning.